Blood donation and dedication of love

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       30 employees of HYC came to the voluntary blood donation site organized by Suzhou Industrial Park office at 2pm September 1, 2016. High-temperature days did not stop the pace of people voluntary blood donation. Their enthusiasm is like a sunshine.
Following the instruction of docter, they were doing preparations for blood donation, such as filling in forms, measuring blood pressure, taking blood samples etc.
        Lots of employees couldn't join in this event due to business trip or physical reasons.
Company's middle level leaders participated in this event at the first, which made a good demonstration for all the employees.
       Everyone on the attendance was talking and laughing. At one hand, they were pride of this blood denation. At the other hand, they could ease tension through laughing. When people looked at their fresh red blood flowing into the blood bag, everyone was smiling and moved deeply by each other.
       After blood donation, everyone insisted on go back to work. This kind of selfless dedication spirit is very respectful!
       Totally, there are 19 employees donating blood successfully, and the amount of blood is 6600ml. All the departments of our company responsed and supported this event actively. Thank you very much for your contribution and help to the community!
    This blood donation activity is held successfully.