Working tightly together to gain a new victory in 2018

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On Jan. 27, we hold an annual meeting in HYC with the theme: Working tightly together to gain a new victory. HYC members, more than 700 persons, gather together to review the achievements we have obtained in 2017, and express best wishes for 2018. The annual meeting is like a grand ritual to salute the previous year and greet to the New Year.
Now, let’s review those important moments in the party.

Wall with Signatures’ gives an extraordinary experience to the staff and make them feel like super stars.

Firstly, the general manager Mr. Chen looks back the work in 2017. We have gained a lot of successes and met a number of challenges, which depends a lot on the support and dedication from every member. In the New Year, we will make a better strategy adjustment to gain new achievements.

In the meeting, the staff with outstandingwork performance has been rewarded. We are inspired by those who, single or team, gain the praise. They set up a good example for us.

Rewards for 2017 Outstanding Contribution

Rewards for the Intellectual Property

Group Phototo memorize the 10th Year

The splendid performances,directed and performed by the staff,highlight the annual meeting. Although everyone is super busy in the end of the year, professional performances are given because they prepare with a seriousattitude. The performances with variousvarieties are wonderful, for example, the openings drum playing, the professional dances, and songs. Everybody is enchanted by the party.

As the opening performance of the party, the drum playing created a great atmosphere and wins a cheering from the audiences


HYCV Representatives express Good Wishes to the Staff


Except the superb performances, the party also set up the game loop: Who is the lucky one?The one who is chosen randomly will be rewarded with abundant gifts. The game is accelerant which promotes the party to the climax.


The outside is snowy and freezing cold, while the indoor is super-hot because of the warm atmosphere. This is the middle-senior managers who work for HYC. They ignite the party.



When the last performance by the middle-senior managers is finished, everyone thought that was the last one. However, the lights went off and a highlight is given to a secret superstar. With cheers responded by the audiences, the secret superstar reveals his mask. He is our general manager-Mr. Chen who is in fashionable costume and sing a song namedWe are differentto express thanks to everyone.
Say goodbye to 2017, we will meet a better future in 2018. Let’s work tightly together to meet the next gathering.
Finally, may you be happy and prosperous in 2018.