“RunforLove, Warm You and Me.” Charitable activity was successfully ended!

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“Run for love, warm you and me"Charitable activitystarted very smoothly on Saturday morning onMarch 26, 2016, Huaxing players with otherhundreds of playersparticipatedtogether and successfully run to the finish, Huaxing players got both men and women second places in this activity.

What? Didn’t you go to the site to see? No problem! We already recorded all the wonderful momentsin the big event foryou to review now.
       In the morning, Huaxing players came to the site on time and was ready for the competition.


       When the gun sounded at 10:00AM, everyone started to run. The crowd looked like a wave of red whirlwind due to the red T-shirts that they were wearing during this competition. The run was about 4 kilometers, the sun is verybright, but the air was a littlechilly and moist. Our players were very serious about the competition and eager to win.

      At last, our employees Gu, Feilong and Lin, Zhengdi both won the men and women’s 2nd places. Congratulations to our warriors!

      Thanks for everyone! Without your enthusiastic participation, we couldn’t make it. This charitable activity is not only for fun,but alsofor strengthening our body and mind. I’m very glad everyone had a wonderful