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Detailed parameters

This device is specifically designed for a variety of different types and sizes of medium-sized module provides a device driver voltage and signals. Has the following main features:
Compact and easy to carry and expand.
Can be connected via LAN bus and PC, PC software module detects accepting real-time control.
When not connected to LAN cable can be used as an independent inspection machine to use.
Multiple TFT-U200 can be composed of a PC LAN, multi-point control.
A wide range of software-programmable output voltage.
Can drive 6bit, 8bit, 10bit module.
Pattern can output BMP format picture.
Provide over-current, over-voltage, under current, under-voltage protection.
Flexible modules corresponding to different signal formats.
With EDID reading and writing, the cross cursor positioning, GRAY regulation functions.
Convenient and practical PC software, online programs and most of the parameters can be updated and modified.
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