product details

Detailed parameters

The device is suitable for a variety of types and sizes of LCD module, it’s able to measure the Flicker, Chroma and brightness of module.It has the following main features
Capable to measure Chroma, brightness, flicker and also low brightness measurement.
Compact and easy to carry.
Non-contact measurement. Measure the distance 30 ± 5mm, suitable for different types of installation.
Contrast method, measuring AC / DC * 100%; JEITA method(capable to measure flicker from 20-65 HZ, the intervalis 1Hz)
Sensor spectral response curve is close to the CIE1931 standard visual function curve
Use VESA-recommended signal processing method, data comply with international and industry standards
RS232 communication interface can communicate withexternal device to adjust and measure flicker values, chrominance and luminance values.
Convenient and practical PC software, parameters can be updated and modified online