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Detailed parameters

      This system isa cloud-based platform for the insurance company, to collect evidence of remote damage. The system has dispatch, scheduling, waiting, video, voice, text, GIS management, communication and other functions into one comprehensive system. It has the following characteristics:
Backstage staff and field personnel can assess the damage via the remote voice, video and other multimedia interactions, to complete survey, to assess damage, and to process claims etc, a series of processes.
The software is available for all Android mobile phone system, has low hardware requirements, and high portability.
The platform has strong network adaptability, supports hierarchical switching, multi-level retransmission buffer, NAT traversal, and multi-operator.
The platform has background data management capabilities to meet the insurance company’s requirements for task management and employee performance statistics.
The system developed corresponding upper interfaces for secondary development in the user application area for insurance company.
Itsavesinsurancecompanya lot of manpower, material and financial resources, while reducing customer waiting time, improving customer satisfaction, achieving a win-win situation both economically and socially.