product details

Detailed parameters

      The Remoteassessment responsibility system isdeveloped for the traffic police department todeal with the road congestion, shorten minor incident handling time, it can record remote video, can collect incident personal identification, printing citation etc…
The system has the following characteristics:
It is easy to operate, with improved processes tips and help functions, itispractical.
It has perfect remote voice and video and other multimedia for interactive communication, can do survey, and identify responsibility process.
The software is available for all Android terminal system, has low hardware requirements, and high portability.
The system is especially developed for the traffic police, meets the safety requirements, is highly in security.
The system developed corresponding upper interfaces for secondary development in the user application area. Is able to build a common platform to be used by both insurance companies and police in the future.
The platform has Strong network adaptability platform, supports hierarchical switching, multi-level retransmission buffer, support for NAT traversal, and multi-operator.