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Detailed parameters

      The system meets the three credit card requirements of the Bank of China Banking Regulatory Commission for a credit card: meet the applicant in person, verify the applicant ID andsee the Applicant’ssignature. It can verify the personal informationremotelyand in real-time. It has the mailing tracking information, credit card customer’s identification, applicant and documents’ photograph collection function to achieve remote information collection and apply credit card function. It has the following characteristics.
The client interface supports all android system terminal device, has good portability.
It has unique two-dimensional code and bar code recognition algorithms; the recognition rate can almost reach 100%.
The system comes with independently researched and developed image recognition algorithm, can restore high solution information and identification information.
The system is designed to keep user's identity information secure in mind, the front end (couriers) device does not retain any user data, background administrator is the who deals with data.
The platform has strong network adaptability, supports hierarchical switching, multi-level retransmission buffer, NAT traversal, and multi-operator.
The system saves the bank's human resources, speeds up the customer’s open-card speed and improves user experience.