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Date : 2019-01-11
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In the cold winter, the headquarter in Suzhou welcomed our Vietnamese colleagues. HR center launched a series of activities and trainings with Vietnamese colleagues from January 11th and January 12th.

On the morning of January 11th, colleagues from the Vietnam subsidiary came to the training room to attend the corporate culture training of HYC. The main purpose is to enable Vietnamese employees to better understand the corporate culture of HYC and better integrate themselves into the big family.

On the afternoon of January 11th, HR center held an indoor development activity for Vietnamese team - brave crocodile pool. The main purpose of this activity was to let Vietnamese staff understand the importance of the plan, divide the work and cooperate, and at the same time carry forward the team spirit and help each other.

On the morning of January 12th, all the employees in Vietnam visited the new headquarters of HYC, learned about the development history of HYC and all the current businesses of HYC in detail in the exhibition hall, learned about the latest equipment of HYC in the workshop, and learned about the daily work of HYC people in the office area.

The time passed so quickly. HYC hopes that what we are left with is not only a wonderful memory of the training, but also the reflection from the activities and training. Let us go together with unity and cooperation for a better future of HYC!

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