Run with Dream - “Intelligent Manufacturing Motivation” 2019 HYC Annual Meeting Successfully Held
Date : 2019-01-12
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On January 12, 2019, “Intelligent Manufacturing Motivation” HYC Annual Meeting was staged in Suzhou Expo Center G-hall. A total of more than 1,000 employees and more than 50 invited guests were present to review 2018 and look forward to 2019.

At 16:15 in the afternoon, the 2018 annual meeting of HYC officially kicked off. First of all, CEO Chen gave a speech on "Enterprise · Family · Dream", which led us to summarize 2018 and put forward expectations for 2019.

In order to thank the outstanding individuals and teams who had made contributions and worked hard for HYC in 2018, the award ceremony for outstanding individuals and teams in 2018 started on time at 5:00 pm. This year's nominating principle also recognized HYC's three core values: all start from customers; keep striving, work hard and aim high, so as to award HYC's role model of the year.

Of course, the award is not only for the individual or the group, but also for the hope of passing on such a "HYC model power" to every HYC member. In 2019, we believe our wonderful lives will shine brighter.

The final event of the annual meeting was the product launch. Five project representatives from different groups showed us the important products of 2018, and also showed HYC's technical innovation and R&D strength to all HYC people.

As for the annual meeting, the Spring Festival dinner is one of the important parts. At 6:18 pm, dinner kicked off. Live programs were rich and colorful. There were beautiful romantic modern dances, handsome street dances, funny crosstalk, warm guitar singing, exciting chorus, sexy and lovely catwalk, etc. Even if all centers and departments were busy at the end of the year, people squeezed time to prepare wonderful programs for such an annual party.

Every year the annual meeting will have a surprise program segment, this year is no exception, and even two surprises. First of all, CEO Chen sent a song "believe in yourself" wearing a handsome suit. In his song, we heard about the power of dreams and persistence. Soon after, HYC also released its own company theme song, "the wonderful pursuit" at the meeting. "We have a dream. Even in the end of the world, we force to strive. We have a heart, as we have wonderful pursuit and become strong". All the HYC people should remember to chase their dreams bravely and be the strongest.

Besides wonderful and extraordinary annual meeting program, the annual meeting lucky draw that gets everybody attention most is annual lottery of course. This year, in addition to the regular lottery prizes, but also prepared a "HYC koi", who would get annual award gift package. The general manager special award is to let the ten lucky people, in the beginning of 2019 to harvest a full of good luck. Invited partners, who were full of ideas, prepared rich gifts for such a New Year's eve dinner. HYC would like to express heartfelt thanks to them.

The party lasted until about 10 o 'clock in the evening, and finally came to a close with the sound of the piano. This was "New Year's Eve" for all HYC people, so it was not just a summary, but a new beginning. We waved goodbye to 2018 and embraced 2019 with open arms. We had the strongest dream to meet the challenge of the unknown, and we also had the most fighting heart to pursue the excellence of tomorrow!

We look forward to meeting again next year! HYC wishes you, in the year of the pig, be rich, fortunate and happy!

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