Oops! It's easier to get high marks in spring exams!
Date : 2019-03-12
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In order to improve the service awareness, quality awareness and information security awareness of all employees in HYC and implement responsibility management, HYC organizes everyone to participate in the "three-level qualification certification on site" and "code of conduct in safety and civilized behavior" examination every year, and colleagues will obtain the corresponding certificates after passing the examination.

The 2019 onsite technical support qualification and code of conduct in safety and civilized behavior exams were scheduled in the spring. The Suzhou headquarter, HYCU, HYCV and domestic branches of the exam all went on smoothly in the same week, and the total number of participants reached 884.

During the exam, everyone focused on answering questions on their mobile phones. Colleagues who answered questions quickly could complete two exams in 10 minutes. Some cautious colleagues checked their answers again and again before clicking submit.

The purpose of these two tests is to help you consolidate the matters needing attention on site and the safety code of conduct in the factory. Many colleagues have submitted two 100 score answers and left our test site with satisfaction. HYC hopes that you can put our assessment into practice after the exam, so as to provide better service for customers and create a safer working environment for us.

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