Suzhou SIP Party Administrative Committee Secretary Qingwen Wu and functional dept. visit HYC
Date : 2019-04-29
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On February 22, 2019, Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee secretary Qingwen Wu and functional departments visited HYC. The government group visit was warmly welcomed by chairman and general manager Wen-yuan Chen, as well as two deputy general managers, chief financial officer, board secretary and head of the enterprise strategy department.

Chairman Wen-yuan Chen introduced the HYC headquarter to secretary Wu and his group in A1 exhibition hall. He looked back to the history of HYC, and summarized fruitful business results in the past three years by cooperation from SIP, and he also made a deep impression to secretary Wu on HYC next 5-years blueprint. Finally, chairman Wen-yuan Chen expressed his sincere thanks to the leaders at all levels of Suzhou for their kind care and strong support to HYC.

After the visiting group led by secretary Wu listened to the report, they highly praised HYC's exploration and innovation in the field of intelligence, and encouraged HYC people to keep their original intention in mind and forge ahead. They also hoped that HYC would continue to cooperate with government departments at all levels.

Finally, Wen-yuan Chen, chairman of HYC, once again expressed his thanks to Mr. Qingwen Wu and his team for their visit. At the same time, he said that with the continuous attention and support from the Administrative Committee of SIP, the future of HYC will be more brilliant and wonderful.

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